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One of the very few pictures taken during my pregnancy, and one of only 2 nudes from that time. I don't know that anyone will actually find these nudes useful, but I'll put them up anyway. Depending on the type of comments I get on these, I may disable comments later.

Please follow my stock rules, found here: [link]
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SeattlePortista Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
Years after the former conversation...  I too appreciate your not having shaved-- I dislike the current custom of women shaving for two connected reasons.  First, it seems that society is most comfortable seeing women as girls, and shaving women's pubic hair makes "girls" look pre-pubescent and less powerful.  [This is of course most true with women who aren't very busty... or pregnant!]

And second, being with a shaved woman has always made me feel like a paedophile.  Not cool.
cajondesastre Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
Know something? To me you are more beautiful than most of the women that can be seen on DA because you are natural and have none of the crap such as tattoos, you keep your pubic hair. Seriously.
Ayas-exposed-stock Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
I don't always keep the pubic hair. My husband prefers me shaved, and I honestly prefer to be shaved most of the time...I just don't do it as often as some people, as it's highly time consuming, and the itch from said hair growing BACK after the first day or two is...well it's NOT something I like dealing with for several days. And while just get to a point where you can no longer see or reach to do it properly yourself without injuring yourself. At that point, I decided not to for the rest of my pregnancy because it wasn't worth the risk of cutting myself, and my husband doesn't trust himself to not cut me doing it for me.

For tattoos...I've wanted one since I was probably about 10 or 11...but I've never gone through with it. For a few reasons. The first is that I'd want to CHANGE it fairly regularly if I could SEE it...from using temp tattoos, drawing on designs in pen, and using henna (which I LOVE, btw) I know that after about 2 weeks I get bored with any given design and want it gone, or changed. With those temporary measures, 2 weeks is about the longest that they last, so about the time I get sick of them, they are either gone, or fading away, so I can do something new. With a real tattoo...not possible. I could only add to it. The second is that I do NOT like needles. At all. So every time I get CLOSE to giving in and shopping around for prices for what I want (a small set of wings, one wing on each shoulder blade) I remember just HOW tattoos are done...and that in and of itself scares me off trying. The third is that my husband doesn't like them, and I'd rather remain attractive in his eyes, than do something that would make me less so to him.

Piercings no the other hand...I'll eventually likely go back up to having 4-5 in each ear. I have a metal allergy, however, that makes buying earrings difficult and frustrating. I HAD 4 in one ear, and 5 in the other at one point...but took earrings with me camping (just small ones, for the sake of keeping the holes open...I tend to need a year to fully heal from such things, and so need to keep something in them for that time frame) that were small and so wouldn't hinder things like hiking through dense foliage or sleeping on the ground, and at least one set while the stud itself was gold, the post was NOT, it was only gold-plated. Once the gold plating rubbed off by my wearing them, that set of holes got infected, and the infection spread to the rest as I had no way to clean them properly given that we were out camping for a week. So all but the bottom two sets healed over completely. Now, while I WANT to go back to so many in each ear, I will NOT go beyond piercing my ears. The risk of infection is just too high to take to facial or genital piercings. Not to mention that I don't LIKE genital piercings, and most facial ones don't look good on most people. I don't think I have a face were things like a lip, nose, or eyebrow ring would look good, and it's not worth the possible infections to find out. And while I will eventually start working back up to the ear piercings I had before, not every shot would show them, as after the minimum healing time frame for them I CAN remove the ear rings for a few hours at a time to a day or two at a time without having issues getting them back in, so I'll likely just remove them for photo shoots unless I want them in for the pictures I'm modeling in. And now I have rambled on far too long and should go...
Amarantia Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
Hiya! ^^ I was just browsing pregnancy photos (I'm expecting) and I read your explanation above... I just wanted to comment on your worry about tattoos! I once worried the same way but once I got one, see (now I have 7 quite large ones!) ... your mind KNOWS its permanent and though you may have a thought once in a while about wanting to change it or whatnot you really are okay with it... It becomes a part of you and you like it... I've shared this with others who have them and they feel very similarly, so I dunno if that helps or whatever but I just thought I'd be friendly and let you know that it isn't so bad once you get one =)

By the way, your pregnancy photo is lovely! =)
Ayas-exposed-stock Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Thanks. ^-^ For the info and the compliment both. I'm just one of those people who tends to go totally overboard with things like that anyway, so in the end, it's just better that I not go through with temptation most of the time. At one point, KNOWING I have a metal allergy that makes piercings beyond a pain, I went totally overboard piercing my ears...and did NOT intend to stop with those I had...then everything reacted badly due to said allergy, and all but the bottom 2 holes in each ear closed...and I still haven't learned my lesson, as I want to re-do them anyway. Even though my history with ear piercings isn't all that ears react due to my metal allergy, they get infected LONG after they've actually fully healed, and wind up closing with what it takes to clear them back up again...then I go and re-pierce them...and do it all over again. I've lasted 2 years without going through with threats to re-do a few of my previous piercings...but not I'm seriously considering doing it again, though I know better than to keep trying...and I know that tattoos would wind up being the same kind of obsession for me. And I'd go way overboard from where I've told myself I'd stop, and just wind up regretting it in the long run, just like every time I go through with re-piercing my ears.
Amarantia Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
I see your logic! Wow I'd be depressed too if I had a metal allergy, coz I do have several piercings in my ears and two on my face... so even surgical steel or titanium which are supposed to be very hypo-allergenic don't do the trick? That must be horrible!

Yeah I suppose if you don't want that many and you think you would get a lot more then that could pose a problem but yo still might also like it, too... I don't mind if I get more, I just haven't had the money, it takes a lot for me to justify spending x amount of money on a new tat or a touch-up... my next session (which will have to wait till next year after I have this baby and when I have some cash! LOL!) is to finish getting the one on my leg coloured =D
Ayas-exposed-stock Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009
The hypo-allergenic stuff works for a while...but if ANYTHING happens that causes even mild irritation Then anything touching metal in that area flares up horribly. Normally high grade golds and silvers are fine...but I've even had to take off my wedding ring for a week before when I got a small scratch from my cat on the finger next to it...and the contact with the gold just set off a rash...that spread quickly TO my ring finger from my middle finger and the scratch. It's...really annoying. And if I choose to leave jewelry touching the irritated area, it just gets worse and worse until it's totally infected. My ears just seem to be WAY more sensitive than the rest, too. At one point I got a mild infection in one ear because a HAIR got caught around the post of an ear ring. That one cleared up OK, though, as I was at home, had my cleaning solution, and plastic ear rings to put in while I cleared up the infection to keep the hole open.

And is another issue with getting a tattoo...I've got enough expensive hobbies that I try to save for that I can't justify spending money getting a tattoo, even if I WERE certain I wouldn't go all 'addicted' level overboard.
Amarantia Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
That's terrible that you have such reactions like that... I had the hair wrapped around my earring once which got really infected.. I let it close and redid it and it's been fine since... I can only wear sterling silver, gold, surgical steel and titanium... I have strong reactions to anything else... maybe if you get them redone you could take them off at night after they heal so as to give your skin a break once in a while, hopefully they'll last that way ^^

The thing I don't mind about the money with a tattoo though is that it's a permanent investment so it makes it worth it... =D
Ayas-exposed-stock Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009
Yeah, that's sort of what I'm hoping for...but at the same time, it'll be a little while before it'll be 'safe' to have fresh piercings in my ears...small children and fresh piercings just do NOT mix. Especially little ones who think ear rings are fun to grab. *laughs*
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cajondesastre Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
Thanks for the windy explanation. I never expected it. ;)
Ayas-exposed-stock Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
*laughs* sorry...I tend to ramble a lot.
cajondesastre Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
No sweat.
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