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I could vanish for a little while any day now. The new little one is due in a week. It's hard to believe it's snuck up on us so fast! So if I totally vanish for a few weeks, this baby is definitely the reason! We know he'll be coming soon. He's dropped, and I've had a few sets of false contractions the last few days as we've had some SERIOUS low pressure set in with nearly constant rain storms. I can feel that we're getting close...even if close could still be another two weeks. *laughs* I'm excited, and scared, and nervous, and happy, all at once. We've nearly got the house done, and I've gotten through 2 of 4-5 boxes of Nicolai's old clothes pulling out the things that will fit the new little one when he arrives, so we're nearly completely prepared. Really...all I've got left to do that will need to be done by the time he gets here is to get the baby's carseat into the car properly, and get the bassinet set up. Really, we're pretty much as ready as you can be to add to the family. And this go round, while it's bad that the hubby hasn't found another job yet, at least he's home when he's not at class or job hunting, and there'll be no need for him to call INTO a job and tell them he can't make it in today because I'm having the baby. That's one less phone call he has to worry about making once we get to the hospital! I'll try to remind the hubby to log into my accounts and update my journals once the baby is born, so that everyone knows that everything is going well. ^-^
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Today was a fair waste of time. *laughs* I spent time today doing a 2-part stock shoot...the first using the timer myself, the second telling my husband when to take the photos...and only just now, after downloading all 157 photos, found that the last time my son was playing with my camera he changed the image size setting on all the images are useless as stock, they're too small. So I get to do it all again tomorrow and the next day with the hubby, and hopefully in two weeks with :iconrldstock: Ah well...I had fun getting ideas and fiddling with things, so tomorrow should go MUCH smoother...and I should at least have the help of my husband the whole morning and part of the early afternoon.

I am going to upload what I did today in my scraps here, though, so if anyone wants to, feel free to look at them there, and tell me what poses or things you'd like me to try and get again at a usable size, ok? If I get any from the re-shoots tomorrow that are close to the ones in scraps, I'll link to them in the scrap deviation once I get them uploaded (hopefully this weekend for the stuff I'll be taking this week).

Ideas, suggestions, and requests are still very much open, too, from now until the baby is born!
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Well, it would appear we're having a boy. ^-^ And our official due date is June 18th. ^-^ I am going to force the hubby to help me take tons of pregnant stock from now until the baby is born. I am NOT wasting this opportunity this time! So...any suggestions, ideas, or requests let me know! I'm open to pretty much anything people can come up with so long as I don't need to buy anything to make it work! I've a few ideas myself, that I'll be working out more fully in writing tomorrow when I'm more awake, lol, and starting on at least some of them over the next 2 weeks. I'm not very big yet, but showing enough you can tell I AM pregnant, so I figure I'll start now, and re-do the ones I, or you guys, want with me showing more once I am...or re-doing what I can until I run out of time anyway. ^-^

Just some general info here, I will be doing solo stock of just myself, 'mommy' stock with my son (when I can get him to agree to it, lol), and couple stock with my hubby.
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Isn't it? Earlier this year my husband and I were hoping for him to get a 'permanent' job with health insurance so we could start trying for our second child. As things went, we're still waiting for that while he moves from one temp job to the next as soon as they end, just to keep money in the house. Because of this, we decide that even though we wanted a second child before now, we'll wait, and see how things go after his current temp job.

We're careful, not wanting to add to a family we can barely support living like this, paycheck to paycheck, job to job, borrowing money from my in-laws to be sure that bills are payed, and there's food and diapers in the house, and that our son has season appropriate clothes to wear that fit.

And yet...we are now officially expecting our second child. I'm beyond sick...pretty much all the time. Some days it's so bad that if I try to move from either sitting, or laying down, I spend the next 15-20 minutes in the bathroom dry heaving. I was never this sick with Nicolai...I'm exhausted, trying to keep up with a 2 year old, not eating enough because of the nausea, and just the normal tired that starts to set in with the hormone changes. I just don't remember being THIS tired with Nicolai, either, until much later in the pregnancy.

I find myself often wishing I had listened better to my mother, and her sisters, when they warned that once you have your first (in our family at least) all it takes is your husband LOOKING at you to get pregnant again. *laughs* Obviously that's an exaggeration, but not much of one. When my parents got pregnant with my baby sister, they were using 3 forms of birth control, and nothing had happened to affect any one, let alone all three. I know I've at least 2 cousins that were conceived through strict birth control, too. So, yeah, I should have taken those warnings more seriously. Given that with my baby sister through 3 forms...well...obviously the only 100% sure thing is to not have sex at all...

My husband and I are both feeling blessed, and worried. We want this baby...we just didn't want it yet. So we're doing all we can to be ready, applying for aid for at least the medical end of things so that we aren't only going in for checkups when we happen to have the 'extra' cash to afford it. Pregnancy is too important to treat that way. And we're hoping that Bran will get good news on a job, and soon.

What does this mean for my DA accounts? Well...until I can work on something for more than a few minutes without feeling like I am going to vomit, my art will come even slower than it already is. For my stock accounts, it means that there will be much pregnant stock coming in as soon as I am 1: showing, and 2: feeling well enough to do the running back and forth to the camera to set the timer, and pose and all that lovely stuff...or just well enough to pose if :iconrldstock: or another friend who has offered to photograph me, or my husband, are available to be my photographers. So...if there are any pregnant stock requests, please feel free to make them. I'll see what I can do about doing photoshoots to fulfill those requests.

It also means that once I finish my current 'to do' list I'll be re-opening my commissions, with slightly altered rules, and prices, and such. And no, I'm not asking for donations. There are plenty of other people here on DA alone that need money more than I do from those willing to just give it to them. I'd rather you help them while things are still remotely stable for my family. Afterall, we do have other family members who are helping us stay afloat so to speak.

It also means a great likely hood of many fairly random journal updates as things change, in our life, and with the pregnancy because I know I have at least 1 or 2 watchers who are friends, and who care, that are more likely to get such news through my journals here than through the limited contact I have with them otherwise.
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So I've finally got an avatar. Someone wanted to make one for me, so I let him. Eventually, I'll probably replace it with one I make myself, as I love making them myself, but who knows when I'll get around to that, lol.

So...thanks so much to :icondarthsammo: for the new avie! I had to tinker with it just a little after getting it, changed the pacing to it, and another small change so DA would LET me use it. So go give love to the original icon if you like it! You can find it here:…

And, as always, if you want to use my stock you can find my rules here: ayas-exposed-stock.deviantart.…
So for those few who got to read this journal before my edit, it's all fixed! Ayas is a happy kitty again. ^-^ Our GD and :iconmoonbeam13: totally rock for getting things set right so fast! here are the rules for using my stock.

1: They can be used for anything DA appropriate, so if you want to use them in something sexual in nature, that's fine. Just don't use them to make images that go against the DA policies about such things.

2: My stock CAN be used in print images, just note me to let me know that you've made the image a print, and I also request either a copy of the print purchased by you to be sent to me, OR a copy of the image sent to my e-mail (which will be provided in a reply to the original print usage note) so that I can, using MY HOME PRINTER print off the piece you have made, for my PRIVATE collection as I would like a portfolio of what people have used these images for.

3: My stock can be used for non DA works, so long as you note me with a link to were the
work is located, and it is NOT a commercial use, or on a pay site.

4: When you use my stock, either comment on the stock image used, with a link to the work, or note me with a link to the work. I'd like to see how my stock is being used.

5: Credit me in the image description, and include a link to either my stock page, OR the link to the stock image itself.

6: I do not want my stock used in any hate they lifestyle, ethnicity, religious or anything else in no anti gay, anti het, anti religious (of any religion), strongly pro-religion (to the point of being cruel, hatefull, or resonably offensive to those not of that religion), no anti American, or anti African works...that was a list of EXAMPLES, so anything along those lines, even if the specific is not listed, please don't do. If you have any questions, this is like the pictures of my son, please feel FREE to note me with details of what you want to'll likely find that on SOME points I'm more lax as to what I consider 'hate art' than other...however, on some points you'll also find that I am far more...strict than others. This is highly based on what my husband and I find highly offensive.

8: Any changes to my stock must be NOTICEABLE, and easily discernible from the whole original image. So, no filters, color changes, or slight tweekings of the sky/water that is not immediately discernable without other, obvious changes to go with them, such as adding objects, people, or OBVIOUS hand painted details. For all non BG stock, they must also be obviously not the original additions of other objects or models, paintovers, dropping them onto another background are all welcome uses.

9: My stock is NOT to be used to make other stock without prior, written permission from me. My stock is also not to be uploaded to the photography section, changed or not, by other artists...with exception to my sisters and my other account. There are, and will be more, images I put on this account as stock, that THEY took, and gave me permission to put here. So they obviously have every right to put them as photography on thier own accounts. Also, some photos, especially of myself and my son, are likely to have been taken by my husband, and may show up on his account as photography.

10: All use of my photos as referance for NON MANIPULATED works (traditional and digital alike) are welcome. These only need follow the 'Do not use in this way' rules if the facial features of the models, or the animals are still recognizably my models, and my pets. So...the use for posing: use how you want. Use with model still recognizable in more than the pose: please follow all rules. I reserve the right to judge if the models are still recognizable in more than just pose, and breaks any of my rules of use, and request that any offending images be removed, followed by a report to DA admins to have the image removed, if it is not voluntarily removed withing 2 months of my noted request.

11: I want you to have fun, even with the rules, with my stock!

12: If you have ANY use questions at all, please note me, either here, or on my art account :iconayas-shadow: with your question, as detailed as possible, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. In many cases, when the question is sent to my art account, that will be within 24 hours so long as I am not out of town.

13: Any and all rules are subject to change at any time.
Well, because I've got, and will have more, nude photo stock that I'd just rather not have on my main stock account, as my father occasionally sees that account, and is already giving me a hard time about some of the images on it. So, knowing that I recommend  that account as one that family and friends look at, I'll be uploading nudes to this one, to keep them from being as easily seen by family members and friends who might take issue with them. Rules here are the same as there, and I will be uploading a journal with them shortly.