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So...over a year after my last journal, I'm finally updating! I know it's long over-due! of my second child went well. He was born healthy and well. I got through everything better than I did my FIRST child's birth! But after I came home...well...things went downhill for a bit. My kitty, who I had had since he was 4 weeks old, got into some poison and died my first full day home from the hospital. That ROYALLY sucked. He was my baby before I had human babies. Between this stock account, and my main stock account, you can see him in random pictures...he liked to join me while photographing. A year later, and I still miss him a great deal.

After THAT, my computer DIED on me! One piece at a time! By the time I got it back, about a YEAR after the first failures started (about 3 months ago now, admittedly, life's been busy!) the only things that were still original were the tower casing...the CD and DVD drives...and the USB ports! EVERYTHING else has been replaced. Thankfully, the friend who did all the repairs and replacements backed up everything 4 DAYS before the Hard Drive failed. soon as I can get back to sorting through things and making packs, I've still got stock to upload! From over a year ago. Haven't really had the TIME to do new shoots yet, though. I figure I'll work on that once I have the old stuff up...or when serious inspiration hits!

Other than has been life. Hubby's been going from temp job to temp job. I've been working with my dad, cleaning houses after re-modeling jobs on them are done. The kids are growing. Now 3 1/2 and 14 months old. They're great little guys, though, and great brothers, who love eachother a lot.

Anyway...that's the update I've been meaning to get around to for the last 3 months!
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